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tabatha . rarotonga, cook islands

this was one of those rare moments…

when you meet a person and you feel instantly that time and space somehow had changed…

that the meeting and the moment stepped outside of the ordinary flow of things.

the world shifted and everything paused.

somehow fate landed me at the home of tabatha, whose home I cared for for one beautiful month this winter…

the winter of the south pacific.

i fed the chickens coconut, reassured wookie the 3-legged dog that his people were going to return,

and delicately fed bananas to lady guava, the 1-eyed horse.

i sat under the orange tree and meditated.

i poked paw-paw down from the tree and ate it for breakfast.

i lay in the garden and looked at the sky.

i let myself match the speed of the clouds.


when i returned to rarotonga several months later, i shared one short afternoon with tabatha.

she showed me her island secrets. we checked in on lady guava. and we stood in the field and

without many words, we both understood what the other was feeling from that place.

thank you tabatha for allowing me to see you with my camera

and with my heart.

thank you for bringing me into your circle of warmth and love.

i am changed for the better.


(did i mention tabatha is a very talented artist? you can take a look at her work HERE and HERE)















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