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Okay, so when my son was born I thought he was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.  He definitely holds all of my heart’s attention, but my heart got a pretty good tug when I first saw this baby girl.  Welcome to the world Marlowe… we’ve been waiting months to see her, and she didn’t disappoint us with her beautiful smile, tufts of dark hair, and the most adorable little chin you’ve ever seen.  We debate back and forth who she looks like, but it’s true that she has both her mama and her papa’s good looks :)  Marlowe was a spectacular model, sleeping soundly and politely letting us know when she was hungry.  Kara and Marcel, you’ve got such a wonderful gift here…











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kim - HI Kara, this is Kim Young (Armstrong) Congratulations on your new baby girl.

Genevieve Guillot - Dear Morgaine,

As a longtime friend of the Rambos, I was delighted when Rita sent me the link of your website. The pictures are beautiful and looking at Kara with Marlowe, I found the 2 photos so touching that it made me cry. They are worth to be exhibited in the best gallery. Genevieve

Theresa Tate - I’d like to echo Kara’s feelings about the photo, as the aunt of Marcel and great aunt of beloved little Marlowe. Thanks for the beautiful images – and for sharing the love-filled one of you and your mum.

Lorna Henthorne - Dear Morgaine, What FABULOUS pictures of my GORGEOUS great-niece! Congratulations to everyone! Love, Great-Aunt Lorna

kara - Morgaine these are so beautiful!!! I can’t thank you enough for documenting this part of her life
love from all of us