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sarah and todd . engagement

So I’d like to preface by saying that ALL of my clients are amazing, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet such awesome people, but once in a while there’s someone who is extra dear to me…

I’m sure by now most everyone knows that I went through my first pregnancy and delivery recently, and now have a beautiful son.  Well, the delivery, while it was the most challenging thing I’ve ever experienced, was wonderful.  I got to fulfill my dream of delivering my son in the comfort and warm atmosphere of my home with my husband Craig and close friend Heather.  It was uncomplicated and fairly quick.  But the main reason that it was such a positive experience was because of Sarah, my midwife.  She guided me through everything, encouraged me, and reminded me that my baby was coming and my life was about to get that much better.  I cannot explain my gratitude for what she gave to me and my family… 

So of course, as a gift, I offered what I have to give, which is photography.  It turns out she’s getting married soon (to Todd, another wonderful person I’m glad I met), and although it was a destination wedding and she already had a photographer for it, she didn’t have any engagement photos.  I’m so glad to have the opportunity to give her a small something in return…

Sarah, we love you and are so glad you were there for Aahva’s first breaths… I hope you have babies soon too, so I can take more pictures of you and Todd :)













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