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sean flanigan is a soulful (laughs easily), sincere (remains funny), motivated (claims to be lazy), and insanely talented (but trades-in arrogance for modesty) photographer. i’ve been hoping he would teach a workshop for years now… and the wait paid off. last week i got to join 16 super talented artists for a one day intensive flanishop-style learning experience. i feel more motivated, inspired, and happy about my work than i have in a long time. sean was an open book of information, sharing anything and everything we could ask of him in one day… and he covered a lot of ground. we delved into our motivations, fears, and goals for our work, walked through a shoot, and explored post-processing techniques. throughout the day i was able to form some new friendships, and left with a brain full of ideas and a boatload of inspiration. after you’ve thoroughly combed through sean’s blog, died and gone to heaven, come back for a little more inspiration from my fellow flanishoppers… there’s a limitless amount of talent here:

heather gilson |  benj haisch |  ryan flynn |  jenny jimenez |  michelle dearing |  aga matuszewska |  ben blood |  jessica fern facette |  james panegasser |  missphom |  jeramie shoda |  ali walker |  chris kirby |  kip beelman |  micah cordes |  ron storer |  kristen tourtillotte |   lang thomas

on top of all of that, we got to have the lovely miss julie harmsen (also an amazing photographer… check it out) and beau andy fitts (musician extraodinaire) as our models for the shooting portion of the day. here’s a few snaps…














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Melissa - Lovely pictures! Do you still know which presets/actions you used to edit these pictures? Really love the feeling :)

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claire - these are lovely!

Patrick - Hi Morgaine,

Just discovered your blog via Sean Flanigan and after digging through your website, I noticed you’re a fellow Vancouverite! Beautiful work Morgaine, your photographs has this unforced, honest feel to it. I’m jealous of your talent =P



jefra - you. and michelle. and ali walker. and we’re not even going to mention sean.

i am entirely jealous – entirely.

didn’t even know about it till i saw this but this would have been worth the trip so much.

OEIL - these are so great Morgaine, I was so happy you sat next to me. hehe. your baby is so darling!!

ron storer - Morgaine, it’s so unusual to have both gifts: visual as well as the written; but you definitely have them both. You move and transport people with your art. So good to meet you and hear your passion.

lots of love:)


james julius - what a great post! good to meet you, and I love your work

Jenny J - much love to you, morgaine.

ryan flynn - nice write up, and even nicer to meet to you!

cindee bae - super jealous, love the images you captured!!!

aga - You are truly talented; it was an honor to be among such a talented group and learn from amazing people!

Kirby - Great post. Your art is beautiful Morgaine. So glad we got to cross paths.

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Micah Cordes - LOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE. awesomeness in a post. :P

AmyPunky Photography - I’m so jealous, I wish I was there!! Great photos!! Sean is such an inspiration for me… and you too!!! :)

ben - there are at least three too many photos of me in this post :P

Jeramie - You. Are. Amazing. Seriously, it was such a pleasure to meet you and I’m so glad you were kind enough to share your brilliant work with us at the workshop.

kristen - Yay, these are awesome! Love the wide angle.